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Texas Child


"Let's eat hot wings together!"

Jonathan is an active person child who enjoys a good game of basketball. He likes being outdoors whether it’s playing horse on the court, fishing, or riding his bike. Jonathan enjoys keeping busy with various activities that expand his knowledge. Playing with superheroes and building with Legos are some of his favorite indoor activities. With positive and supportive persons in his life, Jonathan can reach the goals he sets for himself. Jonathan relishes in school and is interested in computer systems. Jonathan has a charming personality and is self-aware of his emotions and feelings therefore he can easily communicate with caring persons in his life.

Jonathan will do best in a love-filled family where he is the youngest child in the home. The family needs to possess patience and be understanding when working with Jonathan. He will flourish in a home that is active and empathetic towards his needs. Jonathan would like to play superheroes, build with Legos, or enjoy a game of basketball with his new family. His family will need to be extremely supportive and positive to ensure Jonathan surpasses his own expectations. The ideal family will recognize and understand that Jonathan may require time to adjust to his new environment. Jonathan has a fun and creative personality and with the right supportive environment, he can further blossom.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.