Danzal Danzal Danzal
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Texas Child


"I would love to meet a family who will be my forever!"

Danzal describes himself as laid back, but he may surprise you with how active he likes to really be! He is known for his smile, but sometimes it takes a while before he shares it. He enjoys playing sports and riding his bike. Danzal enjoys playing video games and listening to music. He has taken an interest in country music and might one day be a country singer. Danzal is a talented artist and enjoys sketching. At times, Danzal struggles with following directions and gets irritated with his peers. However, he is learning how to trust and listen to adults as they validate how he is feeling. Danzal is also making strides in accepting consequences and taking responsibility for his actions.

Danzal said he doesn't care if his forever family lives in the city or the country, just as long as he has his own space. He can get riled up when under pressure, so a family and community that are low key and patient will be the best fit. Danzal identifies himself as Christian. He will benefit from a loving family who will set boundaries and provide him with plenty of structure, love, and nurture. He has requested a family with some skills in the kitchen, as he is a connoisseur of good Southern cooking. The ideal family for Danzal will be a dedicated family who is able to meet all of his needs. He will need time to trust and bond with the family.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.