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Meet humorous, clever, and imaginative Owen. Owen enjoys doing fun activities such as having NERF gun battles, watching TV, or playing video games on his iPad or Xbox. When Owen is not playing video games, he says he enjoys riding his bike or fixing things around the house. He also says he loves to watch scary movies and TV shows such as The Walking Dead and listen to music from the band Metallica.

Owen says he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. However, his dream is to one day be a YouTube celebrity or a professional video-gamer like ‘Typical Gamer’ on YouTube. He is already planning out what his YouTube channel would be like. Owen says his perfect day would include playing video games, eating plenty of juicy cherry tomatoes, and learning how to race Mini-Coopers. Of course, if this is not possible, Owen says he also would love to go to his favorite restaurant, The Rainforest Café. 

Owen would benefit from a one or two-parent family without siblings. His ideal family would be able to provide him a lot of structure and routine. Owen says he would like to be adopted by a forever family that would help him with stability because he is tired of moving.