Destinie Destinie Destinie Destinie Destinie Destinie Destinie Destinie
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    African American
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Destinie is a young lady with a big heart and who dreams of a happy family to call her own. She loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She likes watching movies and listening to music (currently a huge Justin Bieber fan!). Indoors, Destinie enjoys playing with dolls and stuffed animals, while outdoors Destinie enjoys swimming and riding her bike.

Destinie loves to read and is very creative and descriptive writer. Physically, she is tall for her age. She is a healthy young lady. She wears glasses and has a beautiful smile. Destinie knows how to be very polite and likes to give and receive hugs. When she grows up, Destinie says she would like to be a social worker because she likes kids.

Destinie benefits from supports at school. She will need a family who can support her as she works through her strong emotions of trauma, grief, and loss. A family who is able to provide her with undivided attention would help Destinie to feel secure.

Destinie would like a Mom and a Dad. The ideal home would be a two parent African American family with older children, but other families will be considered. She would prefer to live in the country and would love to have a dog or horse. It is very important that a new family maintains a relationship with her younger siblings located in Northern and Central Virginia. She believes in “Jesus and God and angels” and would like to have a family that goes to church. She would also like someone to teach her to play guitar and/or piano.