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California Child


Let’s give a big round of applause to Joseph and his band!!! Joseph would like to be a famous musician or part of a music band when he grows up – and if that doesn’t work out then he’d like to become an actor and be in as many movies as possible to become famous. Joseph is an energetic and playful child. He’s very active and likes to play tag with his friends and play soccer. During his downtimes, Joseph likes to play games on the tablet or phone. His favorite TV shows are online on the different channels like Netflix or Hulu. Joseph has a good appetite and enjoys eating a variety of foods, with spaghetti and lasagna topping his favorites list … along with getting McDonald’s whenever possible. Joseph’s favorite school subject is Math, but overall he is not performing at grade level and will be assessed now that school is back in-person. Joseph is not a big fan of being told what to do but he’s learning new coping skills and how to better express his emotions in therapy.