Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy
Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy Jackson, Hunter and  Kennedy
  • Names:
    Jackson, Hunter and Kennedy
  • Ages:
    6, 3 and 1
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Oregon Children


Meet Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy!

Do you have oh-so-much time and energy to devote to and spend with three sweet children who need all you have to give?

Jackson is a very happy and loving little boy and on the tall side for his age. Jackson loves to be close to people to get his cuddles, but will otherwise hang out on his own. Jackson enjoys swimming, being outside, playing on trampolines and being able to be active in his own way. Jackson loves to bounce! Jackson loves sensory toys and activities. He loves to use chewies and long rubber snake ropes that he can stretch and chew on. Something as simple as blowing some air next to his ear will result a huge smile. Jackson also adores climbing on play structures and swinging on swings.

Happy little Hunter is often smiling his big bright smile. Hunter is active, as evidenced by his often flushed pink cheeks! Hunter is interested in animals and will babble at chickens and other creatures. He loves to be outside, and especially loves the beach. Hunter has an affinity for water and loves spashing at a water table. Hunter will climb trees and run around in the grass whenever given the chance. Hunter also likes to listen to music; he will play the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack on repeat if he is allowed! Hunter is rapidly gaining new skills. He truly enjoys being close to people that he cares about. He loves to be around people and in the thick of the action.

Kennedy is almost always smiling and is very happy go lucky little girl. A ham, she loves to get attention and praise from others. She will clap her hands when others clap for her and give a big smile. Kennedy enjoys being active. She is happy to go along with others on errands, or to stay at home. Kennedy likes to draw, play in the park, and listen to music. She loves farm animals and is very interested in picture books that have images of animals on them. Kennedy has an extensive vocabulary for her age. She is learning her words and likes to point at an animal, name it, and then make its sound (i.e.: cat, meow). Curious Kennedy is very interested in many things. She likes playing with plush animals, as well as with cars and dolls. Kennedy has a special affinity for band aids at the moment! She will often have them on her arms like stickers. 

Currently Jackson is in first grade. He has supports at school that meet his educational needs. He will benefit from a family who can be strong educational advocates to be certain he recieves all the ongoing supports will need. Hunter is attending preschool through Head Start and also receives from extra supports in school to help him be successful. Kennedy is not school age; however,  she is learning new words, reading, and exploring her own interests.

Jackson, Hunter and Kennedy have strong birth family connections and visit regularly with one another and with relatives. They are a fun and engaging trio would would benefit from a family to help them continue to thrive and reach new potential. Each day they gain and learn new skills. They need a nurturing, ready-to-grow family who is ready to dive on in!