Nerelyn and  Angel
  • Names:
    Nerelyn and Angel
  • Ages:
    12 and 15
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

California Children


Nerelyn is a sweet and friendly young girl. She is very caring and loving. Nerelyn enjoys spending time with her younger brother. She likes making art through water color paintings. She is a social child with lots of friends in school. Nerelyn is doing well in school and enjoys extra-curricular activities such as playing soft-ball and soccer. Nerelyn enjoys food; some of her favorites are Enchiladas and Pupusas. Her goals are to learn how to swim and attend an Ariana Grande music concert. Angel is an energetic and fun loving young boy. He is rambunctious and constantly on the go. He is currently doing well in school. He is a healthy eater; his favorite food is chicken nuggets. On his days off from school, Angel enjoys playing video games and soccer. He is described as charismatic and a social butterfly. Angel is artistic and loves to participate in school activities. For example, he painted his hair purple and pink for “Wacky Hair-Day” at school. An ideal family for Nerelyn and Angel must have experience with Autism diagnoses in children, and have the resources to provide adequate support for these two lovely siblings.