Gabriel Gabriel
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Arizona Child


Gabriel is a sweet, polite, and easy going young man who loves to play football. 

He is devoted to the Cardinals because they are from Arizona. When Gabriel isn't busy playing football, he likes to spend his time drawing, listening to rap music, or just relaxing in his room.  Gabriel says that his perfect day would include going to a sports game, eating pepperoni pizza and watching The Avengers movie. If Gabriel had a superpower, he would like to run fast so he could beat everyone.

Gabriel enjoys school because he gets to see his friends, and his best subject is math. He has plans to graduate from high school and is not sure what he wants to do after that. One thing Gabriel has always wanted to learn is how to do a back flip. 

Gabriel has expressed interest in being an only child in a two-parent home or a home with a single mother.  However, he would also do well with siblings in a small family.  Gabriel has stated that he would like to be given a lot of attention. Gabriel thinks some good family activities would be going swimming or watching movies together at home.