Brejanee, Lelani, Bernard and  Kennard
  • Names:
    Brejanee, Lelani, Bernard and Kennard
  • Ages:
    11, 10, 7 and 6
  • Genders:
    Female, Female, Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

California Children

Four times the fun, the smiles and the laughter, these kids want one thing, to be together again in one home! Let's make this happen!

Brejanee is a kind, loving, and compassionate girl. Brejanee enjoys watching TV shows and movies, as well as playing on her tablet. Brejanee is a great helper around the house. She takes pride in keeping a tidy room, with clean clothes neatly folded inside the dresser. Her favorite foods are pizza, broccoli, and steamed rice. Brejanee also loves to go to school, where she can play with her friends. She is learning to stay focused on the tasks at hand, especially during homework time, and does receive special education services to support her learning.

Lelani is helpful and kind hearted. She is close to her siblings, but more so to Brejanee, because they have so much in common. They enjoy doing each other’s nails, dressing up, and dancing their hearts out etc. . When it comes to food, her favorites are hot dogs, pizza, veggies, and desserts. Lelani receives services at school for her academics and is generally doing well.

Bernard is an active child with a shining personality. He is a social and engaging young man who likes to keep himself busy playing video games. But he also loves to be active in sports, being involved in basketball and baseball. He loves going to school and be with his friends and teachers. He is learning to keep focused on the tasks at hand and is receptive to re-directions.

Kennard is bright and compassionate. He loves coloring to relieve stress. During his down time, he watches cartoons on TV or plays with his tablet. His favorite activity is playing basketball like his big brother. He receives help in school to learn to respect personal boundaries and to express himself in an appropriate manner, but is making great progress and is eager to learn!