Laron and  Kaden
  • Names:
    Laron and Kaden
  • Ages:
    15 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

California Children


Meet Laron and Kaden!

Laron is an articulate and social teenager who gets along with his peers and likes to spend time going to the movies or playing video games with his next-door neighbor/friend. Laron is also active in sports, particularly basketball, and wishes to pursue a career in sports someday after he has obtained a degree in higher education. Laron has some struggles with school work as he has difficulty staying on task and focusing. With the help of counseling services, he has been working hard to tackle such challenges and is making progress. Laron is also learning new ways of conducting himself in socially acceptable manners. One noble aspect of Laron is the care and concern he shows toward his siblings, especially his little brother, Kaden, who resides in the same home. 

Kaden is a kind, funny, and caring boy who is bright and does well academically. He enjoys going to school and participating in extracurricular activities. Kaden has good relationships with his close friends and gets along well with others. He is described as a sweet boy who always completes his assigned chores and homework without reminders. Kaden admittedly enjoys eating, and looks forward to holidays due to the variety of food for such occasions. Like many other children, he also likes watching TV and playing video games. 

In addition to needing a permanent family for the two of them, Laron and Kaden look to maintain contact with their older sisters and hope that the family that becomes their forever family will support these relationships. If there is some room in your heart and home for two more, let’s explore how you might be a match for the awesome sibling set of Laron and Kaden.