Alex, Gemma and  Julian
Alex, Gemma and  Julian Alex, Gemma and  Julian Alex, Gemma and  Julian
  • Names:
    Alex, Gemma and Julian
  • Ages:
    13, 11 and 8
  • Genders:
    Male, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children

"We want to be together!"

Please meet Alex, Gemma, and Julian. They are energetic and fun-loving set of siblings who are looking for their forever family. They all like to be with one another and they enjoy watching Naruto and other Japanese anime together. Alex and Gemma like to draw and listen to music. Julian loves to play with his siblings and his friends, especially basketball or soccer. All three youth like to be outside. They also like to read. Alex, Gemma, and Julian each have wonderful senses of humor and like to laugh and make others laugh. Alex tends to be the leader and looks after Gemma and Julian, and sometimes other children he feels needs his help. Julian is always in the mood for an adventure. Gemma is not afraid to share her opinions on subjects and events.


"I like to play games and draw."

Please say hi to Alex! Alex is a very kind and thoughtful youth. He enjoys reading books, drawing, and playing video games. Alex tends to be introspective, choosing to think things over before speaking. It is easy for Alex to slip into the role of protector of his younger siblings or any child younger than him that he feels needs his help. Alex will need time to build trust in his new parents that they will take care of Gemma and Julian as he does. It will help Alex connect and feel like he is valued if he is asked his opinion in taking care of Julian and Gemma. Alex desires to have a forever family who will love and accept him and his siblings as their own. Alex would like to remain the oldest child in his family.

Alex's forever family will be one with a nurturing mother figure who will celebrate Alex's gentle and protective nature, and a father figure who enjoys playing video games with his son. His forever parents will respect where Alex's protectiveness originates and teach him to trust in their ability to love and care for Gemma and Julian as he would. Alex's family will encourage him to explore his interests and find other hobbies that encourage him to be himself.


"I'm pretty and I love music."

Please say hello to Gemma! Gemma is a spirited youth who has a zest for reading and music. Though Gemma loves music, she is not comfortable singing in front of others. Three of Gemma's top wishes are to have a baby wolf as a pet, to have her own television, and to sleep whenever she wants to. Her favorite food is pizza and she likes to collect toy unicorns. Like most children her age, Gemma loves to watch YouTube videos, especially ones with animals getting into funny situations. Gemma has a bubbly personality and she can most often be found giggling with her brothers or making jokes. Gemma also is also not afraid to speak her mind and opinions and stand up for her beliefs.

Gemma's forever parents will be ones who are structured in their discipline and expectations of Gemma. They will learn to recognize that sometimes she hides her true feelings behind her jokes and humor. Gemma's family will encourage her love of music and reading to help her find her niche that makes her feel unique to further build her self-esteem.

"I can run really fast!"

Step right up and meet Julian! Julian is a vibrant youth who loves to play and have fun. He especially likes playing basketball and soccer outside with friends. Some of Julian's favorite things are pizza, playing with action figures, and playing basketball. He also likes to dance and enjoys all kinds of music, except "old-timey country." Three of Julian's top wishes are to have his own room, to have a tablet, and to have a Nintendo Switch. Like his sister, Julian loves to laugh and he shared that one thing that makes him laugh is politicians. Having older siblings has given Julian a more mature sense of humor than most children his age. Julian also shared that he would like to be a policeman when he grows up.

Julian's forever family will be one who is able to keep up with his energy! His family will understand that Julian is used to being looked after by his older siblings and may need extra time to adjust to the rules and expectations of his new parents. Julian's family will look forward to engaging their son in outdoor play and other activities to celebrate his energy.


Alex, Gemma, and Julian's forever parents will be nurturing and structured. They will be able to understand that these are close-knit siblings who have built strong connections with one another and have been depending on each other. Alex, Gemma, and Julian's parents will be patient while the siblings settle in and begin to trust their new parents.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.