Journie and  Chase
Journie and  Chase Journie and  Chase
  • Names:
    Journie and Chase
  • Ages:
    15 and 8
  • Genders:
    Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


**  Due to strong connections in the area, Texas families will be afforded priority consideration.  **


"We are looking for our forever home, together."

Journie and Chase are ready to join their forever family together! Both children are looking forward to joining a family who will encourage and strengthen their sibling connection. Journie has often taken on a parental role toward Chase but she is looking forward to letting that role go when they join their forever family. Journie and her brother have a very close relationship with each other. The siblings enjoy doing activities outside and staying active together. Both enjoy trying new things and connecting over shared activities. The children enjoy being active and involved with their peers but are perfectly content watching TV or playing games as well. The siblings enjoy being involved in their local church as well. Chase can be slow to warm up to new adults, he looks to his sister for guidance until he feels comfortable. Chase is always excited for surprises and to try new things. Chase and Journie get along very well with one another and enjoy spending time together despite their age gap.


"I am a great girl. I love to stay busy and hope to be a doctor someday."

Journie is a smart, outgoing, and caring youth who is full of personality. She enjoys being involved in activities including orchestra, volleyball, and basketball. The Dallas Cowboys are her favorite team. Journie enjoys getting her nails done and playing with makeup. She enjoys watching makeup tutorials and learning how to do makeup. Journie does well in school and currently hopes to become a doctor one day. Her favorite subject is science. Journie looks forward to joining a forever family with her brother, Chase, whom she is very close to. Journie needs a family who will support and encourage her to reach goals while encouraging her to enjoy the experiences of childhood. Journie loves to be spoiled and get positive attention from caregivers.


"I am a sweet, goofy boy. I love to play sports."

Chase is a very active, sweet young boy. He can shy at first, but once he opens up, he is a goofy child who loves to make others laugh. Chase is a very likable child who will surprise you with hugs that will melt your heart. He has an energetic personality and loves to do anything active, including swimming and soccer. He will thrive in an active family who encourages him to try new things. Chase loves new experiences. He has a very entertaining nature and will be a joyful addition to any family. Chase is always excited for surprises. He looks forward to joining his forever family with his older sister, Journie, whom he is very close to.


Chase and Journie get along well and will thrive in a family with or without other children. Journie has often taken a parental role toward Chase, so her forever family will work with her to establish her role as a sister instead of caregiver to her brother. She can be slow to trust others to care for Chase. Once the siblings are comfortable, they both tend to connect easily to their caregivers and will thrive with parents who provide the patience, support, attention, nurturing, and stability they need. Chase will need time to adjust to having caregivers other than his sister. The ideal family will set consistent rules, boundaries, and expectations while still encouraging them to enjoy the joys of childhood.


Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services