Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky
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    African American
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Delaware Child

Vicky is a very shy, endearing, and polite girl who was born in Haiti.   Haitian Creole was Vicky’s first language, but she is learning English rapidly.  Vicky is very helpful in her resource family with whom she has a very positive relationship.  She likes to draw and will fill pages and pages of notebooks with her artwork.  Vicky also likes to do acrobatics and show off her back bend, or play field hockey.  She likes making things with her hands, and is learning to make apple pies from scratch.  Some of her favorites are the color blue, fried rice, and Oreo ice cream.  Vicky would someday like to see Disney World and visit a zoo.  She aspires to be a nurse when she grows up because she likes helping people.  Vicky enjoys attending the local public school and has an IEP.  She also enjoys spending time at church with her family and participating in a youth group there.