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Texas Child

"I'm friendly and ready to find my forever family!"

Daniel is a very kind and bright youth with a heart that shines. Daniel enjoys playing video games and loves being around those he cares about. He never meets a stranger and enjoys making friends, talking with his friends, and telling stories. He loves to read books with his favorite being the Divergent book series. Daniel can be a very affectionate youth and he desires to be a foster parent himself one day. Daniel has a big heart and very friendly personality. He is very caring and will always be the first one to ask if he feels something is wrong and will want to help makes things better. Daniel enjoys attention and being in the company of others. He is open and welcoming to all those around him and develops strong bonds quickly. Daniel dreams of one day having a family to call his own. He will benefit from a well-structured and nurturing home environment that will provide him with stability, supervision, and love. He enjoys being around and receiving affection from those he cares about, so it's important his forever family provides him with the love and attention he so longs for. Most of all, he needs a family who will be committed to Daniel and be understanding of the journey he will encounter along the way to becoming the person he strives to be.

Daniel will benefit from a family who can offer him patience and consistency. His family will commit to Daniel and encourage him to express himself, while providing him with the support he longs for to achieve his goals. A family who can provide Daniel with a structured home environment, stability, and love will be ideal. He enjoys being in the company of those he cares about, so it is important his family provides him with the attention that he seeks. Daniel will benefit from a supportive and nurturing family who can provide him with his needs.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.