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Texas Child

"I am very smart, mature, and respectful."

Jerri is a youth who enjoys writing music and poetry. She enjoys arts and crafts, as well as enjoying listening to music and watching movies. Jerri likes to read, shop, talk on the phone, cook, and draw. She also has an interest in photography and playing video and computer games. She loves animals and enjoys playing with and interacting with animals. Jerri does well in school and other activities. She is attentive to her schoolwork and desires to do well. Jerri is energetic and outgoing. She has a mature personality and is very respectful towards others. Jerri has a friendly and empathetic nature. She is concerned with others and their wellbeing. Jerri also enjoys an assortment of sports, including skating, swimming, soccer, volleyball, skateboarding, camping and fishing, and going on hikes and walks.

Jerri will do well with either a single mother or in a family with a mother and father. Jerri will thrive with a family who has a consistent schedule. She needs rules explained to her and presented in a way that she can understand. Jerri benefits from firm but gentle reminders when learning the new rules and boundaries. She will do best in a home with much younger children or no children. She would enjoy spending time with a mother who enjoys shopping, crafts, and other creative things. Jerri has a strong desire to be a part of a family and to feel the connection a family will provide.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services