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Texas Child

I am someone who experiences a lot of different emotions. I love to be active and enjoy going fishing. I am social and enjoying making new friends and spending time with them.


Jacob would enjoy being with a traditional Hispanic family as he has loved learning more about the culture where he currently lives. He loves the food and the traditions. He would love to have adoptive siblings around the same age as himself. Initially, he is quiet but as he gets to know you, he becomes a little bit louder and more talkative. He does not shy aware from conversation when others initiate it. He does take some time to think about the things that he wants in his life and his future. He is vocal and speaks up for himself when he feels he is wrong or feels he has been wronged.

Jacob would prefer to have a mother and father who live in Colorado as he would like to be able to enjoy the outdoors. He especially would like to be able to go hiking. He does not mind having adoptive siblings but would prefer them to be around the same age as he is. He would do better as an only child where the family can provide him with lots of love and attention.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.