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    African American
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Texas Child

I like listening to music, playing games, and reading books. I like people and like it when we get along.

Marcus is a very caring child who enjoys talking with others. He has a very active nature and can find it hard to focus on things. Marcus finds talking and reading help him find balance. He currently enjoys reading science fiction books, like "Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief". Marcus finds school boring at times, and doesn’t care for math. However, he does enjoy learning history and science. Marcus can be slow to adjust to new environments, but with patience and encouragement, he can usually find understanding more quickly. Marcus likes to be independent and complete tasks for himself. He is quick to help others and likes to be the one people look to. Marcus has a passion for music and likes to rap. He also enjoys football, swimming, and watching movies. Marcus loves to eat Whataburger whenever he can. Talking about adventure, spending a day outside, or watching a good movie are all quick ways to open Marcus up and start building a relationship.

Marcus will do well with a family who sets boundaries, is understanding, and actively listens to him. A family who also encourages Marcus to express himself within boundaries and by applying goals will be a great asset. Marcus would enjoy a home with animals, especially dogs, and one that might include a pool as he enjoys swimming a lot.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services