Juan and  Elias
Juan and  Elias Juan and  Elias
  • Names:
    Juan and Elias
  • Ages:
    11 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Child

We love to be together. We look out for each other and have been together through it all.

Trey and Elias are a very bonded sibling pair. They share a lot of the same interests, such as love for the outdoors. They especially enjoy trail hiking, swimming and exploring parks. The boys also enjoy playing video games together. Both Trey and Elias have affection for animals and would love to have a forever home that has a cat or dog. As with any siblings, they love each other very much, but do squabble and argue from time to time. They love spending time together but do best when they each have their own space, such as individual bedrooms.


I am shy, kind, and full of energy

Trey (Juan) loves to have fun and interact with nature. He loves to go hiking, to explores parks and participate in outdoors activities. Not only does Trey love to be outdoors, but he also likes to relax at home, eating pizza while watching movies with his family. He also enjoys putting puzzles together, collecting Pokémon cards, and playing with action figures like Batman. At first meet, he can be somewhat reserved but he is really very sensitive and sweet. He is preparing for the 4th grade, enjoys school, but sometimes needs help with homework. Trey is learning to express his thoughts and emotions in constructive manner and responds well to guidance and redirection. Trey loves animals, especially cats.

Trey would do best in a very structured home environment, with a family that can provide him with the stability and guidance he needs. He would thrive with a family that is active outdoors. He would also do well with a family that engages with their community. His forever family will also support him to participate in age appropriate recreational activities. He loves animals and would love to have a home with pets. He enjoys other children and would do well in a home with other children. He may benefit from positive older children to look up to as role models.


I am excited, friendly and full of energy.

Elias is very funny and friendly. He loves to have fun and explore nature. He likes learning about bugs. He loves to go hiking, to parks and to play outdoors. Not only does he love to spend time outdoors, but He also enjoys relaxing indoors and spending quality time with family members. He is learning to control his emotions and express himself in a positive and constructive manner. He loves spending time with animals, especially cats. He also enjoys putting puzzles together, playing with video games, and playing with super hero action figures. He also loves to collect and play with Pokémon cards.

Elias requires an experienced and patient family that has a structured home environment and can provide him with stability. He would thrive in a home that is active outdoors and within the community. His forever family will be familiar with trauma informed practices and resources in their local area.


Trey and Elias forever family will be experienced caregivers who can provide a stable and structured home environment. Their forever family will be very loving and affectionate, but also firm and consistent. Their forever family will communicate effectively and patiently with the boys. They will be familiar with trauma informed caregiving. Their forever family will allow each boy to have his own bedroom. Their forever family will be active and enjoy participating in outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking and camping. They will do well in a family with other children, particularly an older male to model after. Trey and Elias would also enjoy having a family pet.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services