Kain, Johnny and  Jayden
Kain, Johnny and  Jayden Kain, Johnny and  Jayden Kain, Johnny and  Jayden
  • Names:
    Kain, Johnny and Jayden
  • Ages:
    14, 9 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Female
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


We love to play together and be outside! Our favorite place to visit is Six Flags!

Kain, Jayden, and Johnny have a wonderful time playing together. Kain takes very good care of and looks out for his siblings. Johnny looks up to his brother and wants to do everything Kain is doing. While occasionally the siblings argue and scuffle, they always make up and start playing together again. Jayden is the princess of the three siblings; her brothers defend her as if they were knights. The children enjoy doing puzzles, playing with Nerf guns, and just playing outside together. All three siblings can take a little time to warm up to new people. Once they get to know you, they are sweet and charming. Kain, Johnny, and Jayden have shown an interest in learning to play a sport, like baseball or basketball, but have not had an opportunity to yet.


I think I am kind, honorable, trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, fun and I eat a lot. I am interested in football, video games, sports, playing outside and Boy Scouts.

Kain is well mannered and easy going. He loves being involved in Boy Scouts. Kain has found a sense of who he is through Boy Scouts, and is learning new skills regularly. He enjoys socializing with his friends, playing games on his tablet, hiking, going to the movies, and playing basketball. Kain has an interest in learning about history. He is learning how to play the guitar and harmonica from a friend at his church and wants to continue learning. Kain is quiet and takes a little while to warm up to you, he is very kind and thoughtful of other people’s feelings. At times, he is shy and takes time getting to know people. Through perseverance, Kain does well in school. He sticks up for others, and he has had a couple of incidents at school of physically restraining a bully while sticking up for someone.


I am a happy person who likes to spend time with my brother. I start out shy, but if we play, I will talk more. I like to go to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbour and have nerf gun wars.

Johnny is sweet and charming with an amazing smile. He is quiet, until you get to know him and then shows his silly and playful side. Johnny is very head strong, he becoming easier going when he does approach a conflict. Over all, Johnny is easy going. He is beginning to enjoy more foods and expand his tastes. Johnny likes to play with Legos, Match Box Cars, go to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, swim, go to the park, and play games on his tablet and with his siblings. Johnny is interested in finding opportunities to participate in different sports. He likes to do what his brother is doing. Johnny loves school and loves attending. Johnny plays well with others, but at times is slow to come out of his shell.


I'm Jayden and I love to play dress up!

Jayden is a very loving young girl! She loves to play dress up, especially as a princess. Jayden enjoys watching television and playing games. She has enjoyed being able to go on trips and participate in church activities. Jayden has a love of learning about the world around her. New things and experience can be a challenge for Jayden at times. She benefits from having a caring adult to help her navigate the world around her. Jayden enjoys knowing what is coming next. Jayden is a very energetic child! She benefits from always being on the move. Jayden can often be found outside or running around the house. She does best when she is able to play!


Kain, Jayden, and Johnny will do well in a two-parent home, with a mother and father who play equal roles in setting boundaries and enforcing them. Their father will understand it may take them longer to warm up to him. Kain, Jayden, and Johnny have indicated they want to have a dog in their home. Their family will be very clear with rules and consequences while still being loving, encouraging, and patient. The kids will need clear rules and boundaries. The siblings like to do anything together and would like to be part of an active family who will teach them about new experiences as a family.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services