Gustavo and  Ailitzy
Gustavo and  Ailitzy Gustavo and  Ailitzy Gustavo and  Ailitzy
  • Names:
    Gustavo and Ailitzy
  • Ages:
    11 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Child

Come outside and play with us!


Gustavo and Ailitzy are two creative and imaginative children who enjoy creating new worlds within their computer game worlds. They enjoy playing Roadblocks and Pikachu online. The pair enjoy going to carnival and getting on the rides together. Ailitzy enjoys getting on all the rides while her brother waits for her at times. Ailitzy and Gustavo play well together and enjoy playing kickball and soccer to pass the time. Ailitzy is very considerate towards her brother when they watch television and will let him choose shows he wants to watch. She also enjoys dressing up and likes having her nails and hair done, while her brother can wear just about anything. The siblings enjoy attending church and they look forward to attending a youth group that has activities for them to learn and participate in. They love to play soccer together and can get very competitive with each other. This duo enjoys playing games together and can watch TV all day if given the opportunity. Ailitzy and Gutavo are definitely not picky eaters and can eat just about everything, however, Ailitzy would rather eat sweets at times.


Hi, my name Gustavo and I can be shy when I first get to know you. I enjoy playing video games during my spare time.

Gustavo is a calm, sweet, and shy child all at the same time. He will open up once he gets to know you, and will start being silly to be funny. Gustavo enjoys math and enjoys being able to participate in UIL competitions. He loves to spend time at home relaxing. Gustavo enjoys playing video games on his Nintendo Switch and on the computer. His favorite games to play are Mario Kart and Road Blocks. Gustavo has an interactive mind and enjoys creating different designs with his Legos. He is a dog lover who hopes to have pets one day! Gustavo is also very intelligent child and does wonderful at school. He also enjoys spending time outside. Gustavo's favorite pastimes are playing soccer, skating, and swimming during summer.

Gustavo will benefit from a family who is consistent and provides the love and guidance he needs. He will thrive in a home that has structure and can meet his needs. Since Gustavo enjoys math, a family who will keep him involved in math activates at school and at home would be ideal. He would enjoy being in a family who has pets. Gustavo would like to be adopted with his sister.


Hi, my name is Ailitzy and I have lots of energy and enjoy staying active. I love painting and drawing in my spare time.

Ailitzy has great energy and loves to be active, she loves to dance and do cartwheels. Ailitzy loves attention and is very affectionate. She loves to give and recive hugs. Ailitzy has a very social personality and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. She is intelligent, insightful, and excels at school. Ailitzy loves to draw and paint. Her favorite subject in school is art. Ailitzy enjoys creating different styles with her hair and enjoys being pampered by going to the salon. She is interested in make-up and fashion, and she likes to keep up with the newest trends. Ailitzy is a very creative child who enjoys designing clothes for her dolls with clothes that no longer fit her.

Ailitzy will benefit from a family who will give her lots of attention, guidance, and provide a stable, safe home. She thrives with structure and consistency in the home. Having an active family who is able to keep her busy will be ideal for Ailitzy. Ailitzy does well with animals in the home and looks forward to being adopted with her brother.


Gustavo and Ailitzy will benefit from an active family who will keep them involved in extracurricular activities. They need a family who is committed to keeping the siblings together and guide them through their transition. Gustavo and Ailitzy’s family will recognize their different personalities, as they each have their own ways of seeing things. The siblings will thrive in a family who will take the children to church to provide guidance and patience towards Gustavo and Ailitzy.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services