Logan and  Lee
Logan and  Lee Logan and  Lee
  • Names:
    Logan and Lee
  • Ages:
    17 and 16
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


We need a fun family to hang out with!

Meet Logan and Lee!  Logan is the eldest of this pair of brothers. He has a very close connection to his younger brother, Lee. They are each other’s support system. Logan has a helpful and encouraging personality towards others. He enjoys sports and looks for ways to channel his energy. Lee is a year younger than his older brother, but keeps up with him. He tends to be shy and reserved. Watching TV and playing video games are some of Lee's favorite things to do. The brothers feel it is important to maintain connections with individuals they have met along their foster care journey. Both boys look forward to being a part of a forever family together.


I love sports!

Logan enjoys being able to play sports, and hopes to have a career as a professional player one day. He also enjoys getting to play video games, but enjoys going outside to have fun. Logan is a very sweet and caring boy who is ready to build a connection with his forever family. He is working to best maintain his emotions, and uses his ability to self-soothe. Logan is a helpful boy who is always encouraging others. He does well in school, and benefits from additional assistance with reading and testing. Logan is energetic and a multi-tasker. A strong male role model will be ideal for Logan, as he is still finding his way through life.

Logan will benefit the most from a family with a good male role model. He needs a family who will learn about him as an individual and be patient as he adjusts to their home. Logan has a big heart and wants a family who will not give up on him when times get tough, but instead work through those tough times with him. Logan’s family will help him experience new things.


I want a family who supports me!

Lee is a keen observer. He can be shy and reserved, until he gets to know you. Lee is also described as a sensitive and caring child. He has a close connection with his older brother and looks to him for support. Lee enjoys playing football and basketball. If the day calls for him to be inside, he enjoys watching TV and playing video games. Lee benefits from extra help with reading. His favorite foods are pizza, burgers, and chicken wings. Lee shows respect for authority figures and follows directions. He is looking for a family who will support him and help him to achieve his dreams for the future. Lee values family and believes that families should be there to support one another through thick and thin.

Lee will benefit from a family who is kind, caring, and considerate. His forever family will be able to support and understand his needs. They will be stable and have a structured daily routine for him to follow to help ease his transition to the home and family dynamic. Lee’s family will participate in supportive services as he becomes part of the family.


Logan and Lee’s forever family will provide an environment which keeps the brothers together and also facilitate contact with important individuals from the brother’s time in foster care. Both boys will benefit from a positive male role model. A family who will continue to learn about them as individuals and celebrate their individuality is a plus. The brothers want a family who will love them both equally, and work through the hard times with them and not give up.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services