Juan and  Beatriz
Juan and  Beatriz Juan and  Beatriz
  • Names:
    Juan and Beatriz
  • Ages:
    12 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


Due to strong connections in the area, Texas families will be afforded the highest priority.


We are fun kids who love to play together and with other kids. We like playing video games, going outside, and going to church together.

Beatriz and Juan are cheerful kids with lots of personality and talent. They have a close relationship and have expressed their desire to be adopted together. They like going to church weekly and enjoy Sunday school. They can also be found playing on their tablets together or playing outside. Beatriz and Juan do well with animals and would love to move into a home with a dog or cat (or both!). Both kids said they want to live in a home where they have choices of what to eat and parents who are kind to them. Beatriz and Juan are aware of their situation and have expressed a strong desire to be adopted. They are looking forward to being together with a new family. 

I am a loving boy who enjoys spending quality time with family. I'm outgoing and smart.

Juan is a bright, talkative, and kind. He is also intelligent, active, and focused. He is very expressive in his writing. Juan’s centerpiece strength is his ability to excel academically. He was in the gifted and talented program last year at school. On his most recent STAAR test, he missed only one question on the math portion. Juan also won first place at a Science Fair. Juan loves video games (especially Fortnite), Legos, and playing outdoors. He has recently taken up helping in the kitchen and likes to cook tortillas. A new interest is his desire to play the violin; he wants to begin lessons as soon as possible! Juan struggles with ways to manage his feelings. He is working to develop healthy coping skills to use when he gets upset. He is developmentally and academically on target. Juan is able to communicate what he needs and enjoys talking about his love for his siblings and family.

I'm a sweet, smart, kind, pretty, cute, and loving girly girl.

Beatriz is a sweet, friendly, and imaginative girl. She looks at the world with optimism and enthusiasm. Beatriz has a sunny disposition and loves to recount the adventures in her daily life. She likes watching movies, playing with LOL toys, and spending time outside. Beatriz loves to play dress-up and enjoys fashion and edgy hairstyles! She also expresses her creative side through art projects. Beatriz enjoys school and is proud of her good grades. She especially likes going to the library and also was in choir last year. Beatriz is developmentally and academically on target. She has a good understanding of her situation and is a great advocate for herself.

Beatriz and Juan will succeed in a home where they receive unconditional love and support. They value their relationship with each other and their other siblings who live in a different place. The family should be committed to keeping them together and letting them continue to see their other siblings. They will do best with a family that is patient, attentive, encouraging, and active. The family should set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent. Beatriz and Juan do well with other children and pets in the home. They have a lot of love to give and are ready to share that love with their forever family!


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services