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Texas Child


I'm active and like to do things that keep me busy.

Ruben is a friendly and active boy. Though, he is introverted and shy when first meeting new people. Ruben can be slow to warm up to new people, though he interacts and meets people. He has a close relationship with his sister and forms relationships with others. Ruben is very active and likes to be busy. When he is not outside playing basketball, soccer, he can be found sitting watching a movie and playing with his Legos or games. While he likes to be interactive and play sports with others, he also enjoys his quiet time, doing things independently. Ruben prefers activities when he can be physically active. He is constantly moving and trying to keep himself busy. Ruben likes to have attention and enjoys spending individual time, doing activities, or talking with caregivers. Ruben likes to spend time with his sister, but prefers to do things like playing sports and being a little rough and tumble, especially with same age peers and caregivers.


Ruben will do best with an experienced family who will offer supervision, structure, and a loving environment. A family who likes the outdoors and is active will be beneficial for him. Ruben needs a family who will work with him academically and encourage him to participate in extra-curricular, such as after school clubs and athletics. While a two-parent household would be ideal, a family who can provide strong male role models who will assist Ruben with his development is desired. Ruben has an older sister who is part of this adoption. There are two other siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, that Ruben and his sister have continued contact with, his forever family will continue their contact with other siblings.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services