Moses and  Jose
Moses and  Jose Moses and  Jose
  • Names:
    Moses and Jose
  • Ages:
    11 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are brothers, but we need a mom and dad to make us part of a family."

Moses and Jose are brothers who are close in age, but they each have very different personalities while still maintaining some similar interests. Both boys enjoy laughing and playing games together, but they especially enjoy telling silly jokes. The brothers have a close connection with one another, but still enjoy being their own individuals. Moses is more introverted than his brother; however, once he becomes your friend, he does not hesitate to express his love and affection to you. Jose is a very social child, he is easily engaged and willing to experience a new adventure. Though Jose is more reserved in his displays of affection toward others. The brothers’ personalities are very complimentary of one another and make this sibling group so much fun.

"I am happy and enjoy playing video games."

Moses is initially shy when meeting others. However, once he establishes a relationship with someone, he is not hesitant about expressing his affection, especially through hugs. Moses has been exploring new activities and is becoming more confident with each new success in his life. He is an avid reader and enjoys being able to lose himself in a good story, and then sharing the story with others. Moses enjoys games, especially video games, but he is becoming quite an expert at UNO. UNO fosters a healthy competitive side of him and boosts his confidence. Moses enjoys laughing and having a good time.

Moses has stated that having a mother is important to him. He wants a mother who will love and nurture him while helping him through life's struggles and encouraging him to become the best he can be. His family will demonstrate their desire to provide Moses with a family that has security and permanency.

"I like to have fun and play sports."

Jose is a very outgoing boy, who enjoys being active and telling silly jokes. His senses of humor is whimsical and contagious. Jose is adventurous. He enjoys experiencing new activities and exploring all life has to offer. Jose particularly enjoys activities which engage him with others, such as team sports or group activities. He enjoys working and earning his own spending money. Jose will often initiate chores in an effort to be helpful around the house. Having a role in the family which contributes to the household is important to Jose. He desires to believe and be shown he is important to the family and is helping the family to be successful. Jose thrives on positive reinforcement.

Jose desires to have a father in his life. He is seeking a healthy, male role model in his life who he can emulate. Jose enjoys having a role in a family and has often followed the lead of the adult males in his life. Additionally, he wants a parent who will nurture, encourage, and support him when life is difficult or when he is not able to succeed at every goal.

Moses and Jose desire a family who will encourage their own interests, laugh at their silly jokes, and welcome them into their forever home. Moses wants a mother who will love and nurture him. While Jose wants a father who he can look up to and emulate. The brothers will benefit from a family who will be positive and strong role models, demonstrate healthy relationships, and promote positive coping skills to encourage those behaviors for the boys. A family who will provide the boys with attention, care, love, and support in order to help them adjust to life’s changes will be ideal. Their family will demonstrate their desire to provide Moses and Jose with a family that has security and permanency.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.