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Texas Child


"I want to help build an everlasting foundation with my forever family."

Thomas is a teenager who is full of life and is very active. He is always on the go. Thomas has a very healthy appetite, he loves burgers and shakes from McDonald’s. Thomas is very witty and intelligent. He is mechanically inclined and likes to build things. He very much enjoys playing video games in his spare time, but also enjoys spending time outdoors. Thomas has aspirations of being a construction worker or tagging sharks when he grows up. Thomas is more of a leader than a follower. He advocates for himself. Thomas is easy to talk to and engage in conversation. Thomas is interested in playing sports. He likes playing football and enjoys swimming. He also has an artistic side and likes to draw. Thomas states that he would like to go rock climbing and go-karting.

Thomas needs an experienced, structured, nurturing, and supportive family who will provide clearly defined limits consistently and firmly. He needs a family who is understanding. Thomas’ family will also understand how important connections with his biological extended family are to him and will support him maintaining those connections. His ideal family will participate in any recommended supportive services with Thomas. Thomas’ family will provide unconditional love and patience as he adjusts to his new forever home.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.