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Texas Child


"I am an adventurous young teenager whom enjoys participating in outdoor activities. I also like to spend time building things with Legos." 

Christopher is a very social young teenager who makes friends easily. He is not picky with food, but would prefer to have Mexican food. Christopher enjoys participating in extracurricular activities and is committed to do well both in his activities and school. He participates in guitar lessons and has learned to play jingle bells, and “Girls like You” by Maroon 5. Christopher’s favorite class at school is a law enforcement class, as he would like to be in the law enforcement field in the future. He is a very helpful youth who like to keep his room clean and help with chores such as taking out the trash.

Christopher needs a family who is loving and provides a safe home environment. He enjoys being active, and enjoys extracurricular activities. Christopher’s family will be supportive of his goals and will encourage him to do well in school and pursue a college education. Christopher would like to have a mom and dad who love him unconditionally. He would also love to have siblings and a family pet.



Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services