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    African American
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Texas Child


"I'm a great kid with an eagerness to learn!"

Deijah is an outgoing, playful, talkative child who is not afraid to say what she wants. She is engaging, friendly, and affectionate. She interacts very well with other children and adults. Deijah enjoys playing with her peers, dolls, and watching cartoons. She also enjoys coloring in a coloring book for quiet time. Deijah loves to sing and dance. She is very active and displays great social skills. Deijah is currently enjoying school where she participates learning and activities with her peers. She has a good appetite and loves to eat. Deijah loves to go to the park, birthday parties, and on family outings.

Deijah wants a loving family who is seeking an adorable, smart, and intelligent little girl. A family who is nurturing, loving, stable and who can keep up with an active child will be ideal. Her forever family should have patience for a strong-willed child and take time to give her the guidance and love every child needs. Her family will support Deijah by caring for her and providing her with any services needed. Deijah needs to feel unconditional love and support from her family.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.