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Missouri Child

Tyler is a 13 year old future star!  He has a one of a kind light that brings happiness around him. You can find him involved with anything to do with music and dancing. Tyler participates in Church one night a week at Bible study and goes to a service on the weekend. He reports that he loves Church, especially singing in the church choir.

Dancing is another one of his favorite activities. He can perform a flawless dance routine at the drop of a hat that will leave you clapping your heart out. His favorite artists to listen and dance to are Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. There is no doubt that Tyler is on his way to being a theatrical star one day.

Tyler loves school and can often be found joking around with his friends. It won’t be a surprise to you that his favorite classes are Art and Music. Tyler loves to be active! In his free time he likes to swim, go to the movies, roller-skate, and more! He enjoys spending his Saturday afternoon walking around Sam’s Club and checking out the free samples. If he could do anything in the world, he would travel to Hawaii.

Tyler’s energy is infectious and he would bring joy to any home. He can’t wait to find his forever family and hopes that they will love music as much as he does. He also loves animals and hopes to have pets in his forever home.