Desiree and  Shatavia
Desiree and  Shatavia Desiree and  Shatavia
  • Names:
    Desiree and Shatavia
  • Ages:
    16 and 11
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Child


"We desire to be adopted together."

Shatavia and Desiree are two sisters who enjoy playing and spending time together. They both like to play board games and put together puzzles. Desiree is a good big sister to Shatavia. She is very loving towards Shatavia. Both sisters enjoys family outings, such as attending church on Sundays. Shatavia and Desiree love watching funny movies together. They also enjoy going to different restaurants, like Mexican and American restaurants. The sisters love to look at books and color. Together, they like to paint and make arts and crafts. The sisters love being active and being outside. They love to skate, ride bikes, and play with the dog. Both girls are very girly and they love shopping. Shatavia and Desiree love all things that have to do with princesses and the color pink. The girls love to dress up in pretty dresses and have their hair styled.

"I am an excellent communicator and love making friends. I enjoy playing sports. I am on the track team and throw shot put."

Desiree is a wonderful girl with a vivacious and outgoing personality. She is a natural leader and vocal about her desires. She loves to play sports, such as track or soccer. Desiree really loves to dance, sing, and watch movies. She enjoys receiving praise and encouragement from her foster family. She has been striving to make healthier food choices and participate in more physical activity. Desiree enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. Desiree reported the thing she is most proud of is having been able to keep her grades up and play sports. She plans to participate in track and is in a dual credit program.

Desiree needs a family who is very active and enjoys the outdoor. She would love to have a family who have dogs. Desiree needs a family who is committed to giving her lots of attention.

"I am an energetic child who loves to sing and dance!"

Shatavia is a special girl with a beautiful smile. She loves listening to music or singing and dancing along with her family and friends. Shatavia enjoys playing dress up with her dolls. She loves watching funny movies or movies with princesses. Shatavia loves the color pink. She enjoys shopping and going out to community events. Shatavia can be very helpful. She enjoys being in the kitchen baking cookies and loves to eat at all types of food at local restaurants. Shatavia loves animals, especially dogs. She also enjoys spending time at the park and riding her bike. Shatavia is a happy child who enjoys being around people and can be outgoing.

Shatavia will do best in a home where her family is able to offer structure as well as a nurturing environment that provides her with the attention she seeks. Shatavia will benefit from a family who likes to go on outings such as to church, movies, restaurants, skating, and shopping. Shatavia's family will be active, loving, and caring.

Shatavia and Desiree will do best in a home where their parents offer structure and acceptance. They would like a family who would love to do activities together to keep the girls active. The sisters will benefit from a family who will love them unconditionally.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.