Aiden and  Airryen
Aiden and  Airryen Aiden and  Airryen
  • Names:
    Aiden and Airryen
  • Ages:
    16 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Child


"We are fun brothers looking for a family to love us!"

Aiden and Airryen are close brothers who desire to be a part of a family who will let them flourish in a home together. Aiden is the reserved older brother, he takes on the role of making sure his little brother is staying in line. Airryen is the funny, outgoing little brother, who likes to keep his big brother on his toes. Aiden and Airryen share a love of basketball and video games. They enjoy being together, even if they are just watching TV. Aiden and Airryen wrestle and argue, like most brothers their age, but they always get over it quickly and back to playing. The brothers have fairly opposite personalities, so they balance each other out nicely. Aiden and Airryen are a sweet pair of boys looking for a forever family.


"I’m Aiden, and I’m a laidback teen looking for a family to love me!"

Aiden is an easy-going teenager. He has a quiet and laidback personality. Aiden likes to play video games, basketball, hang out with his friends, and watch TV. He also enjoys going for walks, which is a great technique he uses when upset. Aiden’s favorite subjects at school are art, Spanish, and English. He is most successful in school when his attention is held. Aiden likes to be a rule follower, and likes to make sure others are following the rules, too. Aiden’s brothers are very important to him. He wants a family who will keep him with his younger brother, Airryen, and keep in contact with his other brothers, too.

Aiden will do well in family who will encourage him to be a normal teenager by playing sports, hanging out with his friends, and playing on his electronics. Aiden says what is most important to him in a family is that he gets to live with his brother, Airryen. Aiden also wants to be able to remain in contact with his two other brothers, who are not a part of this adoption. Aiden needs a home who will help him prepare for adulthood. Aiden’s family will offer consistency and structure. His family will offer unconditional support, guidance, and appropriate supervision.

"I’m Airryen, and I’m an energetic kid looking for a family to have fun with!"

Airryen is a fun, energetic child. Playing video games, watching basketball, and hanging out with his brother are Airryen’s favorite things to do. He is easily distracted, and sometimes needs reminders to stay in his seat or pay attention in school. Airryen has a funny and talkative personality. He loves to make people laugh. His personality makes him easy to talk to and get along with. He is eager to please, and he is quick to apologize when he does something wrong. Airryen is a friendly and outgoing kid, and he is ready to be part of a forever family.

Airryen will benefit from a family who is patient, consistent, and structured. Airryen would do best in a family who offers positive reinforcement. The ideal family for Airryen will encourage and help him overcome hurdles to be successful in school.

Aiden and Airryen will do well in a home where the boys get to grow up together. The best family for them will be flexible and easy-going. Their family will be committed to keeping the boys together, and support them having contact with their two other brothers, who are not a part of this adoption.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.