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Arizona Child


Esteban is a polite and kind young man with many passions. He is creative and has written many of his own music lyrics. He would like to explore the possibility of becoming a signer one day. Esteban enjoys drawing and sketching, as well as origami. He loves school and has a good group of friends. His favorite subject in school is auto shop.

Esteban enjoys playing video games, including Call of Duty and Fall Out. Esteban’s favorite movie is Ready Player One and his favorite sports team is the Broncos, although he enjoys playing sports more than watching them. Esteban’s ideal vacation would be to go to the beach in California. His dream car is a Pagani Huayra, and if given three wishes, that would be top of the list, along with a phone and some AirPods to listen to the many rap and rock musicians he enjoys!