Maria and  Marisol
  • Names:
    Maria and Marisol
  • Ages:
    14 and 14
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Bulletin#

California Child


Two peas in a pod describes these adorable twins, Marisol and Maria. The twins have a unique bond and are best friends. Of course they have a lot in common; however, they have very different personalities.

Marisol is the oldest by two minutes and embraces the role of a big sister. Marisol describes herself as a self-proclaimed tomboy. Whether she’s riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter; she loves being active and outdoors. Marisol is a social butterfly that jumps at the chance to meet new people. On the weekends, she likes watching scary movies with popcorn, and spending time with her friends and family.

Maria is shy, and it takes her a while to warm up and engage in conversation, especially with new people. She describes herself as a unique blend of tomboy and girly. She likes dressing in her own style, receiving gifts or toys that are different from Marisol. Maria loves watching movies and prefers comedies/Disney, but would watch scary movies with her sister. Maria is very creative and enjoys expressing her thoughts and feelings through her drawings.

Marisol and Maria are looking forward to having a forever family open to them maintaining contact with siblings.

Due to strong connections in the area, families in California will be afforded the highest priority.