Michael and  Jennaveciale
Michael and  Jennaveciale Michael and  Jennaveciale
  • Names:
    Michael and Jennaveciale
  • Ages:
    13 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male, Female, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


We are each unique, but we all love to spend time at home and do things outside.

Michael and Jennaveciale look forward to living together with their forever family! They enjoy listening to music and dancing together. Michael and Jennaveciale will honestly admit that, on occasion, they argue and won’t get along at times, like any siblings. They are hopeful they will be able to maintain a relationship with their sister, who is not a part of this adoption. This pair shows love towards one another, but still have some sibling rivalry. The siblings have unique interests and opinions. Jennaveciale is more the "girly-girl," and Michael enjoys building. At times, they do want to be separate and have their own alone time. Michael is the jokester brother who loves to make his sister laugh. Michael and Jennaveciale love and care for each other and want the best for each other.

I like to help people and build things, especially cars.

Michael is very animated, energetic, and respectful. He is also caring and silly. Michael enjoys making others smile and is always ready to tell you a joke. He would prefer to do things around the home, but also likes to learn new things and hopes to travel. One hobby Michael is interested in taking up is learning how to re-build cars. He currently enjoys building miniature cars as a hobby. Michael enjoys playing on his tablet and hanging out with friends. He gets along with other children well and makes friends. Michael enjoys playing the clarinet. He is currently in the band at school and enjoys being part of a group. Michael also enjoys being outside running around and collecting rocks and arrowheads. His favorite subjects at school are math and science.

Michael dreams of joining a family who are adventurous and outgoing, but also enjoy staying home to spend time as a family and play with different electronics. Michael would prefer a home with a mom and dad, no other children, and with dogs and cats. He will be comfortable living in the city or the country. Michael wants a military family or one who travels to different states as he wants to see the world. He will benefit from a family who is understanding and easy going and who has realistic age-appropriate expectations of a child. He would like a family who takes the time to listen and make decisions as a family.

I like to do makeup, make people laugh, give and receive hugs, and watch movies.

Jennaveciale, or Jenna, is eager to join her adoptive family. She is full of personality, and is loving and affectionate. Jenna is talkative and personable. She enjoys being outdoors. Jenna is a "girly-girl" who loves to do her makeup and fix her hair. Some of her hobbies include: doing others makeup, football and telling jokes. Science, reading, and math are her favorite subjects at school. Jenna likes church. The one thing that makes her laugh the most is people telling jokes. Her three wishes are: to be a part of a family, to have a mom and dad, and to have a dog.

Jenna would love her family to share her interest in shopping and outdoor activities. Her family will be understanding and patient. She wants a mom and dad. She would like to live in the country with no other kids, with dogs and cats and horses. She is open to living in another state.

Michael and Jennaveciale wish to be adopted by a family with a mom and dad. They will do well in a family who is active and enjoys doing things outdoors, but who also like to stay home and watch movies. These siblings enjoy going out as a family to parks, restaurants, and shopping. Their key desire for adoption is time together as a family. It will be important for them that their family is flexible on their religious beliefs. A family who is loving and nurturing with structure will let the children thrive. The children prefer to be the only children in the home, and to have dogs and cats. They would also like to travel to different states and would be open to being adopted by a military family.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services