Jose, Martha, Rene, Fernando, Marcos and  Manuel
  • Names:
    Jose, Martha, Rene, Fernando, Marcos and Manuel
  • Ages:
    13, 11, 10, 7, 6 and 5
  • Genders:
    Male, Female, Male, Male, Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

California Children


Six siblings in need of one forever family. Separated in foster care through no fault of their own, these siblings are close, bonded and have a deep love for one another.

 Jose is the oldest of the kids and definitely is respected and loved by his younger siblings. Calm and patient, Jose hopes to be adopted by a family who can bring him back together as one family unit.

 Martha is the only girl and is the nurturer of the group. When one of them gets hurt, they turn to their big sister for comfort. She is sweet and genuinely loves her brothers and has no problem keeping up with them either!

 Rene is athletic, outgoing and patient with his siblings. He likes to teach them how to do things, especially when it comes to sports. 

Fernando is active and outgoing with plenty of smiles and love to share.

 Marcos and Manny round out the bunch. They look up to their older siblings for guidance and support. 

Living in two separate foster homes, these siblings need to be reunited together. Can you be the family for these awesome kids?