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Texas Child


"I have an abundance of joy and love to give to my forever family."

McKenzie is a sweet girl who is vibrant and loves life. She loves her baby dolls, Frozen, and is excelling in gymnastics. McKenzie has a happy disposition and is affectionate with almost everyone she meets. McKenzie has a lively imagination and sometimes needs help in distinguishing timelines, validity of events, and placing the correct people in her recollections. She enjoys being independent and is proud when she accomplishes tasks. In school, her teachers assist her by re-directing her when she gets distracted. She is a joy to be around and makes friends easily. McKenzie is ready to meet her forever family and hopes to have older siblings.

It will be beneficial if McKenzie’s family has experience and knowledge of Down's Syndrome. A family that has a high level of structure will be helpful to assist McKenzie’s transition into her new home. It is important that McKenzie’s forever family to be patient and flexible in order to meet her emotional and developmental needs.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.