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Texas Child


"I love to do arts and crafts!"

Samantha is a loving and affectionate girl and her favorite thing to do is read. She can spend all day wrapped up with a good book. Samantha does well in school and others described her as sharp and intelligent. Her favorite subjects in school are reading and art. At times, Samantha can struggle with her emotions, but she is able to articulate what she is feeling. When things are not going her way or plans change without warning, Samantha can use extra support in assisting her with processing her feelings. She is working on learning new coping skills so she can handle her feelings without becoming overwhelmed. Samantha makes friends easily. She is very creative and loves to use her imagination. A great way to befriend her is complete an arts and crafts project with her.

Samantha will do well in a two-parent home. She needs to be the youngest or only child in the home. She thrives with structure and consistency. It takes Samantha time to get to know new people and will need her future parents to show her they are committed and will not give up on her. Samantha just wants to feel loved and normal.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.