Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia
Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and  Nathashia
  • Names:
    Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine and Nathashia
  • Ages:
    17, 16, 15, 12 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male, Female, Female, Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"Hi! We are Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine, and Nathashia and we cannot wait to share our hearts and love with you."

Meet Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine, and Nathashia! Jonathan is the oldest sibling and is protective of his sisters and looks out for them. He is a great leader and shares his wants and needs for himself, as well as for his sisters. Isabella is the oldest girl in the group, and likes to help her younger sisters with everyday tasks and also help care of them. Alaisha is more independent, but enjoys spending time with her siblings. She tends to hang out more with her younger sisters, but likes to have her own space and privacy. Jasmine and Nathashia are close in age and share a lot of the same interests and qualities. Jonathan and Isabella share a close bond with each other, as they are also close in age and enjoy the same interest in sports and music. Jasmine and Nathashia sometimes joke that they are like twins. They enjoy visiting and going on outings together. All the children like to talk about school and the activities they are involved in.


"I'm Jonathan and I like being active. Let's go outside and throw the ball around."

Jonathan is a quiet, yet social teen. He is currently studying auto mechanics at school and enjoys repairing things. Jonathan also enjoys playing football, soccer, and basketball. With his free time, Jonathan likes to hang out with his friends at the park or listen to rap music. Jonathan is a protective big brother and loves his sisters very much. Jonathan likes to attend school and does very well in his classes. Jonathan wants to find a job in order to save money to purchase for a car. Jonathan is interested in joining the ROTC program at school and is considering joining the military when he grows up.

It is important to Jonathan that he is adopted together with his sisters. Jonathan gets along great with other children and with adults. Jonathan needs a safe and loving home to help guide him in his education and future goals.

"Hey, I'm Isabella, I like staying active."

Isabella is a sporty and active teen who likes to go for runs and play basketball. Like her brother, Isabella has expressed interest in joining the military when she graduates from high school. Isabella likes to draw and write in her journal. She also likes singing karaoke to her favorite songs and dancing with her sisters. Some of her other interest include cooking and completing arts and crafts projects. Isabella can came across as a quiet and timid teen, but opens up when she becomes comfortable with you. She is very compassionate and likes to make people happy. Isabella likes school and her favorite subject is math.

Isabella will do well with a family who has rules and boundaries for her to follow. Isabella likes consistency, but also fluidity in the home. Isabella wants to be adopted with her siblings. Isabella will benefit from receiving reassurance from her family that she is doing well in her new home. Isabella wants a family who has pets. Isabella will do best with a family who is patient, caring, loving, and understanding. She needs a family who will be supportive of her as she transitions into young adulthood.

"Hey guys, I'm Alaisha! I would love to sing for you."

Alaisha tends to be on the quieter side when she first meets someone, but eventually opens up. She is a kind girl who likes to make friendship bracelets for her new friends. Alaisha is on the basketball team at her school and is excited for the next season to begin. She likes to entertain her friends with her beautiful singing ability and also loves to sing karaoke. In addition to singing, she enjoys listening to music, especially songs by Bruno Mars. When she grows up, Alaisha plans on becoming a veterinarian. Alaisha wants to have her own pet, so she can care for it on her own. Alaisha has a great appetite and loves all types of foods, especially sweets. Alaisha is independent and strong-willed.

Alaisha will do well in a family with pets or farm animals. Alaisha does well with other children, but will do best if she is able to have her own room. Alaisha likes her privacy and needs her space to decompress when she is having a hard day. Alaisha wants to be adopted with her siblings and is accepting of having more siblings. Alaisha requires a family that is understanding of her educational needs and accepting of her individuality.

"Hey there, I am Jasmine. I am shy, but outgoing, and I like to play outside. Would you join me?"

Jasmine is a happy and spunky young girl who likes to feed the family horses and play with the dogs and cats. Like her sister Alaisha, Jasmine would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Jasmine sees herself owning many different animals and caring for them the way she cares for her family’s pets. Jasmine likes to go to school and recently joined the choir and chess club. She is a social child who likes to stay involved with activities and to stay busy. Jasmine's favorite pastime is to go to the local trampoline park. Jasmine also enjoys singing karaoke with her sisters and keeping up with the latest dance trends.

Jasmine will do great with a family who is active and supportive of her extracurricular activities. She wants a family who will go on outings and vacations with her. It is important for Jasmine to be adopted with her siblings. Jasmine enjoys sharing a room with her sister Nathashia, and wants like to find a home that will allow for this to continue. Jasmine needs a family who can support her goals and dreams to graduate from high school and to attend veterinarian school.

"Hi! I am Nathashia. I love animals and I want to have my own some day."

Nathashia is a smart and outgoing young girl. Just like her older sisters, Alaisha and Jasmine, she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Nathashia enjoys feeding the horses, cats, and dogs at her home. In her free time, she also enjoys listening to the radio or watching television. In school, Nathashia is on the chess team and in choir. She recently explored playing basketball and now wants to join the tennis team. Nathasia enjoys the outdoors and helping in the garden. She also likes to play arcade games for fun when she goes to Peter Piper or Chuck E Cheese. She would love to travel to an amusement park one day.

Nathashia will do great with a family that is active and goes on vacations and trips. While she likes to have her own space, she also wants to share a room with her sister Jasmine. Nathashia loves her siblings very much and wants to be adopted with them. Nathashia gets along with other children her age and is great with following directions. She also likes smaller children and helping care for them. Nathashia needs a family that is understanding of her past and is supportive of her receiving services.

Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine, and Nathashia will do best with a family who is active in their community and enjoys being involved in various activities. They are open to joining a family with other children. Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine, and Nathashia are very respectful to others around them. The need a family who will be patient with them as they adjust to their new home and environment. Their ideal family who will encourage them to maintain contact with their current friends and ensure they continue with the connections they have made. The best family for the children will ensure all of their therapeutic needs are met, as well as support their love for school and extracurricular activities.













Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services