Jakaylan and  Jakoreyan
Jakaylan and  Jakoreyan Jakaylan and  Jakoreyan
  • Names:
    Jakaylan and Jakoreyan
  • Ages:
    11 and 6
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We will wait for a home to adopt both of us."

Jakaylan and Jakoreyan love spending time together. They really enjoy playing video games, football, and basketball together. They have a tendency to be quite competitive too. Like most siblings, they occasionally argue. Their arguments typically surround who lost the most recent game they were playing. They are both social and like to make friends. Their church community is extremely important to both of them and they are highly active in participating in church activities. Jakaylan is the oldest and is very protective of his younger brother, Jakoreyan. The boys are very clear on how important being adopted together is to them.

"I want to have a forever home with my brother."

Jakaylan enjoys playing video games on his Playstation, as well as playing football and basketball. He also enjoys drawing and has an active imagination. At times, Jakaylan can struggle with understanding authority, and needs help being redirected if he becomes negative. Jakaylan can also become emotional and benefits from receiving support in processing his feelings and calming himself. Jakaylan has a great sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. He has a deep desire to have friends and develop relationships. However, at times he needs ongoing help with identifying healthy friendships and appropriate boundaries. Jakaylan has served as a deacon at his church, and this connection is very important for him.

Jakaylan needs a two-parent household who enjoys sports and video games. This will serve to begin the process of bonding as these are important activities to him. The family will also be active outdoors. Most of all, Jakaylan needs family who will show him they are invested, committed, and willing to stand by him. He will benefit home receiving one-on-one time.

"I like to play video games. I want to be with my brother."

Jakoreyan is a high energy young boy who is known to be a prankster, as he like to play jokes on others. He also enjoys playing video games and playing football outside with his caregivers. Jakoreyan can have difficulty with understanding authority and has a tendency to overlook requests from his caregivers. At times, he needs help processing his emotions and responses when he becomes upset. Jakoreyan loves to be active and does well with making friends and developing relationships. He likes being in his community and participating in community activities. He especially enjoys attending church with his caregivers. He does best when he keeps busy and receives individual attention.

Jaykoreyan’s ideal family will be active in their local and Christian communities. His family will be patient and willing to provide him with individual care to meet his needs. The family will be active and willing to participate in sports, video games, and outdoor activities with him.

The ideal family for Jakaylan and Jakoreyan will be patient and able to maintain structure, boundaries, and appropriate expectations. The boys respond best when they know what to expect and when to expect it. They need to be prepared when changes are made to schedules or within the family dynamic. Ideally they will be the youngest children in the home, as they will require a great amount of attention. The boys will benefit from a positive male role model as they grow older. The family will be open to having pets or already have pets. A family with an active lifestyle that includes outdoor activities, such as playing sports, camping, hiking, and fishing will be ideal. However, they also need to have less active days that include being home and playing video and board games, as well as building Lego sets. They will benefit most from a balanced lifestyle of various types of activities.


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