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Texas Child

"I enjoy playing basketball, video games, sleeping and social media. I'm your typical teen and I'm ready to become part of your family."


Nicholas has recently described himself as an easy going and laid back kid. Initially, he is shy but once he gains confidence and becomes comfortable with a person, he carries a conversation. Nicholas enjoys playing basketball indoors or outdoors, playing video games online, and using social media to stay in contact with friends. However, he has stated his favorite hobby is to sleep and to take naps. Nicholas loves all kinds of food, and is not afraid to try new things. However, his favorite foods are meatloaf and tamales. Nicholas enjoys school. His favorite subjects are math, reading, and writing.

Nicholas will benefit from a family who is patient, consistent, and structured. His family will offer positive reinforcements and will explore his talents with him. His social skills flourish with encouragement. Nicolas gets along well with same-age peers and likes to help those in need. He has mentioned he would want a family with a single mother and maybe a brother to be able to play video games with. Nicholas is ready to move forward and find his forever family.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.