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Texas Child


"I am wanting a family who embraces who I am and allows me to feel safe."

Javier, who goes by Javi, is a sweet, loving, and energetic youth. He enjoys playing with kids his age. He loves music; Javi loves playing his violin or guitar. Javi enjoys playing outside and likes to spend time with his friends and family when he is kicking back and relaxing. Javi does very well with one-on-one interaction and is very receptive to strong role models. He really values his family and wants to have a positive relationship with his relatives. He is sweet and a little introverted, but once he is comfortable with his surroundings he is the life of the party.

Javier's ideal family will have a lot of patience, structure, and will work with him through any challenges. They will provide the one-on-one attention Javier needs in order to feel heard and will build his self-esteem and personal boundaries. Javier wants to be the only child, though he does very well with same-aged children and wouldn’t mind having siblings his own age. Javier is very excited about having a family who will be supportive of him and his emotional needs through any moments of doubt or discouragement he may face.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.