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    African American
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Texas Child


"I am ready to be loved." 

Josiah is an active child who has many interests and hobbies. Indoors, you can find him playing video games or playing on the computer. Josiah is able to entertain himself for hours and hours. Josiah does really well in small group activities. He is learning the concept of team activities and sharing. Once outside, you will likely find him playing some sort of sport. Football is what he enjoys playing the most. Josiah loves going out to eat. His favorite restaurants serve either pizza or Mexican food. Josiah thrives with one to one interaction. He loves giving and receiving affection. Josiah wants to spend time curled up on a sofa being read to or watching a movie.

Josiah will benefit from stability, structure, and attention. He needs a family who will advocate for him in an academic setting. His forever family will provide patience and understanding. Consistent rules and consequences is a must for Josiah. Josiah wants a family who is affectionate and likes to be involved in activities together as a group.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services