Trey and  Tavaris
Trey and  Tavaris Trey and  Tavaris Trey and  Tavaris Trey and  Tavaris Trey and  Tavaris
  • Names:
    Trey and Tavaris
  • Ages:
    12 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Child


"The both of us are fun kids who love to play together and with other kids. We like playing video games, going outside, and going to church together."

Trey and Tavaris are a sibling group in need of an adoring and dedicated adoptive home! They are very bonded to each other and have a connection that cannot be broken. They are ready to find their forever family and deserve a family who will be with them every step of the way into adulthood. They can work really well together. The especially enjoy building Lego sets, playing board games or video games together, or playing a game of catch with a football. However, at times the boys can be competitive with each other and tend to worry about others and about their future. Although the boys are twins and are close, they are also especially unique and are anxious to find a home that celebrates both their individual personalities as well as their attachment to each other.

"I am a smart, polite, and outgoing young boy who loves myself for who I am. I'm a fast kid who's very athletic and loves being outside!"

Trey is a bright, active, and sweet boy who loves being outside and having the freedom and space to play. He loves superheroes, board games, football, and listening to music on his iPod. Trey is a problem solver and has the ability to be a real leader. He has a lot of compassion and likes to show affection to those he knows by giving them big hugs and high fives. Trey is a helper and likes being given a task to complete, such as setting the table for dinner. Trey is able to complete basic daily tasks on his own. He is a unique boy who has a lot to share.

Trey is an active child with lots of energy and will do well in a two parent home. He will excel in a home where he is allowed to play outside frequently or be active in sports. Structure and stability will help him learn and grow. He will thrive in a highly nurturing environment as well. Trey is sensitive to his surroundings. He does not adjust well when there are changes to his routine. His caregivers will need to be comfortable helping him adjust to changes in his routine when he has difficulty. Trey has a younger sister who resides in Central Texas. His parents should be willing to arrange for sibling visitation on a regular basis. Trey and Tavaris also have a very close relationship with their previous foster family, so continuing this relationship will be in his best interest.

"I'm a very nice and athletic person who is funny. I'm an intelligent, hardworking, curious boy!"

Tavaris is a lovable, sensitive, and active child who loves to laugh and joke around. He loves Pokemon cards, coloring, video games, and outdoor activities, especially riding his bike and soccer. Tavaris is somewhat reserved but is quick to open up once he begins to trust you. He often worries about others, and attaches to those who love him, care for him, and give him the attention he craves. He thrives in one-on-one situations, particularly when given a task at which he can excel. He looks up to adult male figures. Though he is a twin, Tavaris is a unique boy who has a lot to share.

Tavaris is aware of his situation and wants to be adopted. He needs to feel secure, loved, and accepted at all times. He needs parents that have patience and can handle bursts of energy and sometimes challenging behaviors. Tavaris responds well to one-on-one attention, and when he is given a specific task. His ideal family will provide him with opportunities to participate in activities that are separate from his twin brother to further develop his unique sense of identity and to receive praise and recognition as an individual.

These twins will succeed in a home where they receive unconditional love and support. They will do best with a family that is patient, attentive, encouraging, and active. Their family will set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent throughout. Trey and Tavaris have a younger sister who resides in Central Texas, with whom they share a special bond. Their parents will be willing to arrange and support visits with their sister regularly. The boys also have a significant relationship with their previous foster family, so continuing this relationship will be in their best interest.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.