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Texas Child


"I am a sporty kid that is ready for a forever family that will take me as I am."

Moses is a strong-willed and resilient youth. Moses tends to be very soft spoken when first meeting new people or put in new situations, but soon he easily becomes the center of attention due to his humorous personality and wit. Moses loves sports of any kind, but his favorites are football and basketball. Moses does well academically and will benefit from receiving support to assist him in reaching his goals. Moses is strong-willed and determined to see himself excel in life and meet his future goals. Some of Moses interests and hobbies include, listening to music, playing games, soccer, and watching movies.

Moses wants to be adopted by a family that will be understanding and patient during his transition into his forever family. Moses will benefit from a family that will understand him and not give up on him, even if he tests their limits. Moses wants to be a in a traditional family with a mother and father. He does well with other children, both older and younger. Moses prefers to stay in Texas. Moses has numerous biological siblings that he maintains regular contact with them, and would like to see this continue even past finding his forever family. Moses is tied to his Hispanic heritage but is open to others as well.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.