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    African American
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Texas Child


"I am a happy girl that loves music and singing! I like being the center of attention."

Maleiah is a happy girl who loves music and for others to sing to her. She especially loves to hear the song her caregiver made up with the lyrics, "Maleiah is a good girl!” Maleiah likes to hear silly noises and people exaggerating different songs and movements. She thinks it is very funny when her caregiver makes sneezing noises over and over. She loves attention and being talked to. She also enjoys laying on the floor and trying to sit up. She is active and can roll around a room when she is on the floor. Maleiah is a calm and sweet girl, but she does not like having her hair done and is quick to let you know! She has blossomed in having a caregiver who has provided her with lots of love and nurturing. She is currently receiving her education at home and really enjoys participating in her lessons. She met all of her educational goals for this year. Maleiah requires support in completing her daily activities. She is actively involved in learning to use an adaptive communicative device to communicate her needs.

An ideal family for Maleiah will be a lively family who loves to sing, dance, and be silly together or just gather together to watch TV or a movie. Maleiah loves to be part of celebrations and enjoys being surrounded by people. Maleiah will enjoy having siblings or being an only child. She needs consistent parents who will be able to meet her physical and medical needs while also helping her to develop her own personality. She needs dedicated caregivers who will provide support for her throughout her lifetime.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.