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Texas Child


"I am joyful, happy and I love to help people. I love helping around the house, cutting the grass and making sure chores are done. I enjoy playing basketball and being outdoors. I feel like I make friends easily."

Joseph is a sweet and somewhat shy young man. He enjoys helping out with chores around the house and mowing the yard. Joseph loves playing sports. His favorite sport is basketball and he has said that he wants to be in the NBA someday. Joseph enjoys swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. He also loves to go fishing, but does not like to eat them. He prefers to catch and release the fish. Joseph is a great dancer and loves learning new dance moves. Joseph’s favorite foods are pizza, French toast and Frito pie. Some of Joseph’s other interests include, completing arts and crafts and putting together model cars.

Joseph will benefit from being an only child. He will benefit from a committed and caring family who will provide him with a loving home. Joseph has a lot of love to give and his heart desires to be adopted.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.