George, Frank and  Giovanni
George, Frank and  Giovanni George, Frank and  Giovanni George, Frank and  Giovanni
  • Names:
    George, Frank and Giovanni
  • Ages:
    16, 14 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We want to be adopted by a family who enjoys outings and likes to have dinner as a family."

George, Frank, and Giovanni are social and active boys who enjoy going to school and being involved with various school activities. The oldest two boys, George and Frank, enjoy having long conversations with each other and love to play outdoors together. They both look after their younger brother, Giovanni, but sometime Giovanni gets sad when he is not included in their games or conversations. George and Frank are very active and competitive when it comes to sports. At times, they have disagreements and tend to horse play with each other. As the oldest, George can be very protective of his younger brothers. Frank and Giovanni look up to George, and like to do the same things he does to follow in his footsteps. They all have a strong bond and defend each other when needed. George and Frank make friends easily and are able to express their needs and wants. Giovanni is the youngest and quietest of the siblings, however he is also able to express his needs and wants. Frank is outspoken and honest with his feelings. George is very social and is willing to give up his things, such as his favorite shirt, to make his brothers happy. Giovanni is a sensitive child with a big heart and is always taking other's feelings into consideration.


"I like to spend time outdoors and enjoy playing soccer and basketball."

George is an active and social teen. He is able to verbalize his needs and wants as he is a very outspoken teen. It does not take long for George to make friends and make others feel comfortable around him. George's favorite foods are pizza, Takis chips, and chocolate. In school, George does well in math, reading, and social studies. He also enjoys participating in extracurricular sports in school. He especially likes football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. During the summer, George enjoys being active in his local Boys and Girls Club. George loves playing video games with his brothers and expressing himself through drawing.

George will do well with a family who will support the bond he has with his brothers. George needs guidance in reaching his educational goals, as well as encouragement in participating in extracurricular activities. George needs a family that will love, care, nurture and invest in him. George enjoys being active and loves to participate in outdoor activities. Like most teenagers, George requires patience and understanding. George would like to be part of a loving family who has pets, siblings, and loving parents.

"I am funny and enjoy telling jokes to make other people laugh."

Frank is a sporty and social teen who is able to verbalize his needs and his wants. He is a loyal friend and always stands up for and defends those who are close to him. Frank describes himself as being funny and enjoys making others laugh. He would like to have a pet of his own one days and would also like to travel with his new family. In school, Frank enjoys participating in extracurricular sports. Frank likes to eat Mexican food, pizza, and his favorite dessert is ice cream cake. He enjoys playing board games, math, and reading. Frank also enjoys spending most of his free time outdoors playing sports, but also enjoys family outings, such as going to the movies.

Frank needs a family who will love, care, nurture and provide him with a safe home. Frank enjoys being active and participating in outdoor activities. Frank will do well with a family that is able to guide him towards his educational goals. Frank will do best with an active family who will support him in extracurricular activities.

"I enjoy playing all kinds of sports and like to spend as much time as possible outdoors."

Giovanni is active and likes to be outdoors as much as possible. He is a sensitive, little boy with a really big heart. He is always thinking of others and taking their feelings into consideration. Giovanni likes all the Avengers characters, but his favorite is Captain America. Giovanni’s favorite color is blue and his favorite subjects in school are math and P.E. He has mentioned that he is not a picky eater and loves kid’s meals from all types of fast food restaurants, however he also enjoys homemade meals. Giovanni likes playing with hot wheels and playing basketball with his siblings. Giovanni also enjoys summer camps and creating arts and crafts.

Giovanni needs a family that is both affectionate and reassuring. He would like to have a mom and dad who will keep his siblings together. Giovanni would like to share a bedroom with one of his siblings and would also love to have a family pet, preferably a dog.

George, Frank, and Giovanni will benefit from a family that has patience and understanding. The boys wish to have a family who consists of a mom and dad and siblings. They also hope their forever family will have a pet, preferably a dog. The boys desire a loving, supportive, and committed family.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.