Alijauh and  Xavier
Alijauh and  Xavier Alijauh and  Xavier Alijauh and  Xavier Alijauh and  Xavier Alijauh and  Xavier
  • Names:
    Alijauh and Xavier
  • Ages:
    12 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are typical brothers, we like to play together, but we also like to play with our own friends. We would like a family who can provide us with sports and activities to enjoy."

Xavier looks up to his big brother, Alijuah, and enjoys spending time with him. The brothers hope and dream of a family who will welcome them and provide them with love and attention. They have a strong relationship with each other and look forward to having a family who will keep them on their toes. These two brothers enjoy sports and anything that keeps them busy. Alijuah looks out for Xavier and feels like he has to be the protector. They are uniquely talented and optimistic about their future. Together these two brothers have an extraordinary bond and look forward to sharing their love with their forever family.

"I am happy, excited, and athletic because I like to play all sports."

Alijauh is a bright, energetic boy that enjoys sports, swimming, and going to the park. His favorite class is math. He also enjoys social studies and science. Alijauh enjoys eating and if it is up to him, he would probably eat chicken alfredo, pizza or mac and cheese for dinner every night. Alijauh is learning ways to manage his behavior and is making steady progress. He likes to be involved in many activities and would enjoy playing sports year round. Sometimes Alijauh can be hasty with his decisions and can benefit from guidance with making choices from time to time. His foster brothers can make him laugh when they do goofy stuff. When he is hanging out with his friends, he likes to practice sports and enjoys making them laugh too. Alijauh also likes to do things with his hands, such as art, crafts, writing, and drawing.

Alijauh wants a family with two parents who can offer him consistency and a safe place where he can express himself. Alijauh's parents will need to provide him stability while he learns new routines. Alijauh would like to live in a city because there is so much to do. He looks forward to playing sports and hopes his new family will come to his practices and games to support him. Alijauh would like his family to have a good sense of humor and be large, so there are more people to play with. He is looking forward to spending quality time making memories with his new family and hopes to take trips to places like theme and water parks.

"I like to play games on my Nintendo DS. I also like to play with nice people."

Xavier likes to play ball with his brother and other children in his neighborhood. He can be hurried when it comes to completing chores so he can play longer. Xavier has learned ways to manage his behavior, but still needs reminding from time to time. Xavier enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people, even though he initially appears shy. Xavier likes to work with his hands. He works to follow directions, but sometimes needs reminders to listen to instructions. Xavier is respectful towards adults and does not want to disappoint others. He has a young boy's energy level, and likes to stay busy with fun activities. Xavier has never been camping, do you want to go?

Xavier would like a family who spends quality time together playing and watching sports. He wants a family who will give him individual time and attention. Xavier would like to help with projects with his family and take trips exploring new places. He would like parents who take the time to listen to him and not make hasty judgments. He hopes his family already has two children for him to play with. Xavier would also like to help his mom cook in the kitchen.

Xavier and Alijuah will do best with an active family who keeps them busy with extracurricular activities and recreational activities. Their family will be committed to keeping this sibling group together and provide support while the boys acclimate to their new environment. The brothers want a family who will put their needs first and enjoy participating in activities with them daily. Xavier and Alijuah would like a family who will do homework with them and be active in their school activities also.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.