Ethan and  Evan
Ethan and  Evan Ethan and  Evan
  • Names:
    Ethan and Evan
  • Ages:
    13 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Child


"We are best friends and want to be in a home that will want us forever. We never fight and are always playing together. We like sports and video games."

Ethan and Evan are full of energy and personality. Ethan is the oldest and tends to be the caretaker of the two. He is constantly making sure that his little brother has everything he needs and they call each other best friends. Evan loves his role as the baby brother and often looks to his Ethan for guidance and direction. These brothers enjoy being competitive with one another and will consistently challenge each other to races or games. Both boys are very protective of one another and will stick up for each other when needed. Even when they have an occasional disagreement, the boys are able to speak calmly and clearly to each other and work on a solution. Ethan and Even are ready to be part of a family.


"I like to play sports, especially basketball. My brother is my best friends and I want to live with him."

Ethan is a thoughtful and family-oriented child. He can be reserved and quiet until he becomes comfortable. Once he warms up, he is a sweet and silly, little boy. He is loving, creative, and loves to help wherever he can. Ethan is a busy youth who is always on the movie. He loves sports and will participate in any activity put in front of him. At any given moment, he can be found outside playing basketball or football. Ethan also likes to eat and has quite a healthy appetite. He is not a picky eater, but prefers pizza over anything else. That said, he is always up for trying new foods and discovering new tastes and flavors. When it comes to school, Ethan would prefer to spend his time at recess. Despite preferring the physical education aspect of school, he does do well in all subjects. Ethan can struggle with accepting “no” as an answer but is learning how to properly manage his feelings and how to express himself in a healthy fashion. Ethan is becoming more aware of his style and can be particular about what he wears or how his hair is styled.

Ethan will do well in a two-parent household that can provide structure and rules. Evan states he just wants a family with his sibling, Evan. The ideal family will be able to provide an outlet to Ethan to assist him with appropriately expressing his emotions. The ideal family will be patient with him and allow him time to open up. Ethan will benefit from a nurturing family who will allow him to continue to have contact with his older sister.

"I love video games, stuffed animals, and action figures. I want to do whatever my brother wants to do."

Evan is an energetic and silly, little boy. He is a jokester and constantly making others laugh. He says his brother is his best friend and “whatever Ethan says goes!” He loves to pass the time playing video games and his favorite game is Minecraft. He also likes to spend time watching funny movies or those with super heroes. Evan has a healthy appetite and enjoys going out to eat. He is not a picky eater and will try almost anything, but his favorite is Chinese food. Evan is a master negotiator when faced with making a choice. He can have a difficult time accepting the word “no” and is learning to take redirection without an argument or trying to get his way. He enjoys his classes and his peers, but requires additional support to stay on task in order to meet his goals. Evan gets along well with other and has good manners.

Evan will do well in a two-parent household that can provide structure and rules. The ideal family will provide Evan with many activities and support his talents. His family will need to be patient and supportive as he makes the transition into his new home.

Ethan and Evan will do well in a two-parent household that can provide structure and rules. The ideal family will provide outlets to both children in order to assist Ethan with managing his emotions and keep Evan busy. The family will work with the children on opening up to new siblings, as they are very close and protective of each other. Both children will benefit from a structured, nurturing and consistent household. It is important their family be open to allowing the children to have continued contact with their older sister.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.