Ayanis and  Devon
Ayanis and  Devon Ayanis and  Devon
  • Names:
    Ayanis and Devon
  • Ages:
    14 and 12
  • Genders:
    Female and Male
  • Ethnicities:
    Caucasian and MultiRacial
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are a creative and fun set of siblings. We love to play together and are looking for a happy family to play with us!"

Devon and Ayanis are both sweet and creative children who have big hopes for their future. These two light up when they see each other. Ayanis is the oldest, and she cares for her brother greatly. She definitely plays the “big sister” role. She dotes on Devon to make sure he has everything he needs. She is generous and affectionate towards him. Devon is a bright child and looks to his big sister for guidance and approval. While Ayanis and Devon’s age difference results in a variation of interests at times, it is clear when you see these two interact that they love and care for each other. One of their favorite activities to do together is create arts and crafts.


"I’m a sweet, creative girl. I would love to have a family to do arts and crafts with!"

Ayanis is a sweet, caring and creative girl. She has a bubbly personality and has a knack for making people smile. Ayanis receives extra support in school to assist her with meeting her goals. At times, she can become distracted and have a difficult time concentrating. Ayanis is a thoughtful girl who can be sensitive. She enjoys expressing herself in creative ways such as drawing, coloring, writing, and listening to music. She is working on controlling her impulses and respecting boundaries. Ayanis is friendly and affectionate towards others. She is excited about the idea of adoption, and cannot wait to start doing activities with her new family.

Ayanis will do best in a family with patience and stability. The family for her will be committed to helping her succeed in school. Ayanis requires a loving, positive family, as she can be sensitive. The perfect family for Ayanis will help her reach her potential by guiding her and assisting her in overcoming challenges.


"I’m ready for a happy family to play with!"

Devon is an energetic, creative, and fun little boy. He has a big, bright smile, and he flashes it often. His face lights up when he is offered a chance to talk about things that interest and excite him. At times, Devon can act before thinking things through and become distracted. He has a lot of energy and enjoys several activities including drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and going to church. He is working on using these activities to manage his thoughts when he becomes upset. Devon receives supportive services at school to help him succeed and stay focused. He is bright and makes good grades. Devon states that he is “ready for a happy family to play with”.

Devon is ready for a family to love him. The things he wants most in a family are happy parents and to be with his sister, Ayanis. Devon has stated he would like to live with a “superhero family”. Devon will do best with a family who is structured and patient. His family will offer him guidance, supervision, and unconditional love. Devon’s family will help him express his emotions in safe, healthy ways and offer him healthy outlets for his creativity. Devon will do best in a home without dogs and cats, as he is allergic to them.

The family for Ayanis and Devon will be patient and kind. It is important for Devon and Ayanis to have a family that encourages and supports them as they grow. They need a family that will keep them busy with many activities, which will not be hard since they both have many interests. It is important to Ayanis and Devon that they be allowed to be active in church. Devon is allergic to dogs and cats, and will do best in a family who does not have a dog or cat as a pet. Ayanis and Devon are ready for a family that will commit to them for the rest of their lives.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.