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Texas Child


"I am a talkative youth who loves video games and being outside. I am looking for someone who I can call family that can help me and guide me."

Brendan is very intelligent, sweet, and funny. He is a polite and respectful youth. Brendan is also open and honest. Part of his charm is that he has no filter - he says whatever is on his mind! Since Brendan has quirky interests and is talkative in nature, he is learning how to establish relationships with his peers. Brendan can also be easily distracted, but he benefits well from redirection. Some of Brendan’s many interests include video games, swimming, and football. He enjoys learning and does well in school. He is very motivated and completes all his classwork. 

Brendan will do well in a family who will offer patience and understanding. His family will be committed and access the resources he needs to be successful. The ideal family for Brendan will provide love and dedication to help Brendan reach his goals. Families who have knowledge and experience with Autism Spectrum will be a good fit for Brendan.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.